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Q: I would like to plant a vine along the fence line at the back of my property. Are there any vines that require little to no work that will be attractive? Do you have any suggestions on what vines to consider? Mark K.

Q. About a year ago I began to be more interested in growing herbs, and I want to interest my children in the history and variety of uses. However, I presently have limited funds to work on this project; can you give me a direction?

A flurry of recent press coverage has created a surge of interest in the Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia.

Q. At first glance I thought I had wild garlic blooming in my yard, but the flowers look like miniature lilies. I don’t remember planting anything in that area. Do you know what it might be? Crissy B.

Q. Planting a Garnish Garden — I’d love to harvest garnishes from my own garden. How should I begin?

Q. I was standing on the edge of a wooded lot talking to the workmen who were clearing the lot for a house. As I looked around I saw that the poison ivy was green and healthy. When I pointed it out, I was told that the workmen didn’t worry about poison ivy as much as they worried about “Thun…

Spring is here and backyard gardeners are getting their gardens plowed and ready to plant, while waiting for the ground to warm and for that last frost date to come and go in order to plant. They have their usual varieties of vegetables ready to go in the soil. For the beginner backyard gard…

Q. I’ve purchased some perennials and shrubs. What do I do next to plant them correctly?

Q: There has been so much rainfall lately and I’ve noticed my yard eroding away! What can I do to stop or lessen it? — V.W. from Bowdon

For the past three decades, Alabama, Florida and Georgia have been battling over control of water resources in what has become known as the “tri-state water wars.”

Q: It looks like spring will finally arrive in west Georgia. What sort of insect activity can we expect around our homes and gardens early this spring? — T.A. from Villa Rica.

Following weeks of rain across many parts of the Peach State and more in the forecast, many Georgians find themselves dealing with flooded basements, backed-up septic systems, standing water, mold, mud, mud and more mud.

Q. Last year my garden didn’t do so well. With this year’s planting season upon us, what can I do to improve my garden production?

Judges have selected 30 products to compete in the second and final round of the University of Georgia’s annual Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest. Narrowed from a field of 117 products, the finalists will compete on April 7 in Athens with an awards ceremony following.

Q: I am relatively new to planting a garden. My results were not the best. Recently, I heard someone mention growing vegetables without planting them in soil. Please tell me about this type of gardening. — Janis G.

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension is holding a series of workshops specifically for Georgia grape growers in March.

Q. Can you tell me about lenten roses? Are they really roses? We have recently moved into an older home, and I have some in my yard. I have no experience with this plant and need to learn about how to care for them? Do they spread and become invasive? — Lynn H.