MLK Coalition to hold event for scholarship program

Scholarship recipient Savannah Levett plans a life of service to the community.

Higher education is a dream for many young people in our community. But each year, the MLK Coalition helps make that dream come true by offering scholarships to students from our area.

Last year, three students — Juanita Redwine, Willie Lowe, and Savannah Levett — wrote prize-winning essays that led to scholarships that helped with the unpaid cost of school, books, computers, or anything else that the students needed.

At 11 a.m. Saturday, the MLK Coalition will be holding a Prayer and Praise Brunch to raise money for this scholarship program. This event is the main fundraiser for the organization.

Over the years, these funds have allowed the organization to support other groups, such as the Carroll County Soup Kitchen and the Carrollton Boys and Girls Club, as well as their scholarship program.

Savannah Levett was honored to receive the award.

“It is important to encourage young people like myself with scholarships because it is money that we [students] can earn for our own academic achievements,” Levett said. “This money can be used to make the transition into higher education much easier.”

Lorie Bell, founder of the Carrollton MLK Coalition, said the group’s goal is to reward those who have helped themselves.

“Our greatest endeavor is to give back to our community and youth, striving to give them a sense of dignity and pride,” she said. “In addition to the scholarships, each year we honor a student from the city and county school system who has made a turnaround in their behavior and academics.”

Levett plans to take Dr. King’s legacy into the future.

“I plan to do this by being an active member of society. I plan to also help others become active members by helping them register to vote and actually voting in elections. Not only helping people register to vote but by also showing love to everyone.

“Dr. King showed love to everyone no matter his or her race. I intend to do the same no matter who the person is.”