City of Temple

Recreation Department

Ballfield Repairs and


The City of Temple is advertising for and will be receiving a proposal and request for sealed bids for ballfield repairs and improvements in the City Park on Rome Street. Deadline for receipt of the proposal and sealed bid is 4:00 p.m. Friday, May 15, 2020.

Selection of the contractor will be made by the Temple City Council on Monday, May 18. The sealed bid is to identify the date for starting this work, as well as specifying the projected date for completion of these repairs and improvements on several ballfields.

Bids are to be submitted to City Administrator Bill Osborne at the Temple City Hall, 240 Carrollton Street, Temple, Georgia 30179. Contact him at 770/562-3369, ext. 106, or at 770/489-6241 if you have questions concerning submission requirements pertaining to this Request for Sealed Bids. -- For more information on the Temple Recreation Department, the department’s ballfields, and the work to be done in accordance with this Req contact Recreation Director Lisa Jacobson at 404/326-8020.

The sealed bid is to be for a lump-sum. For more detailed information, a copy of the Request for Proposal is available on the City of Temple’s web site: -- Also, Ms. Jacobson and Mr. Osborne can provide certain information via e-mail or U.S. mail.

Under the contract, 50 percent of the contract amount will be paid within seven calendar days after the Recreation Department and its inspector have certified that at least 60 percent of the work successfully has been completed; and the remaining 50 percent of the contract amount will be paid within seven calendar days after verification that all work set forth in the City of Temple’s Request for Proposal has been completed to the satisfaction of the City’s Recreation Director.